Custom Blockchain and Smart Contract Payment Development

Not all industries are benefitting from the digital revolution in payment technology. Many customers are unaware just how much of every purchase goes not to retailers, but instead to banks, credit cards, merchant accounts and payment gateway providers. Every innovation adds new costs for merchants, with payment technologies preferring to increase transaction margins rather than market share.

SYB International is the only payment solutions company directly addressing these inefficiencies with custom blockchain payment and smart contract systems. Our custom solutions drive efficiencies and provide low cost transactions in any industry. With smart contract technology.

SYB revolutionizes an inefficient industry and empowers merchants to take control of their own payments.


Rising Fees Threaten Producers and Retailers

Digital payments have never been so flexible or convenient, but fees have never been so high. As consumers abandon cash, payment service fees are piling up and squeezing margins in every industry.

  • Banks and Credit Cards: Outdated technology leads to expensive charges like deposit fees, NSF fees, wire transfer fees, monthly service charges, transaction fees and chargeback fees.
  • Merchant Account Providers: These service providers charge additional fees to process payments between banks and credit cards, including percentage fees, transaction fees, monthly service fees, payment gateway rentals, rolling reserves and minimum reserves.

Financial companies often deliberately confuse clients with complex fee structures and opaque service agreements. It’s time for a technology that makes payments simpler – and cheaper.

How SYB International Can Help

SYB International knows blockchain technology and smart contracts are the future of digital finance and payment processing. This technology offers inherent security and fraud protection, in addition to these three key benefits:

  • 1. Low Transactions Fees: Blockchain tokens can exchange hands without the risk of duplication or third-party verification, limiting the reliance on large and expensive financial services companies to guarantee transactions and protect against fraud
  • 2. Built-In Verification and Records: Along with financial transactions, blockchain ledgers can be programmed to record a variety of data, such as customer information, payment history, proof-of-payment, tax calculations and delivery verification.
  • 3. Complex Automatic Transactions: Smart contracts can be programmed to easily perform complex financial services efficiently, on a per-transaction basis.


Since SYB develops both the payment platform and smart contract technology, our solutions are perfectly suited for companies that both receive and distribute payments, including:

  • • Payroll, commissions and dividends.
  • • Recurring expenses, like rent or utilities.
  • • Sales tax and payroll tax remittances.


Smart Contract Capabilities in Financial Services

SYB International builds custom solutions for any industry. Using our expertise in blockchain technology and payment processing, SYB offers smart contract coding and platform development services to:
Limit Disputes: Smart contracts can be programmed to automatically carry out financial agreements, like revenue sharing between multiple parties on a per-transaction basis.
Split Payments: Payment can be split in real time, for example, automatically sending commissions or revenue sharing per transaction.
Automatic Taxation: Tax information can be automatically calculated and either remitted or sent to a reserve account on a per-transaction basis.
Account Debits/Credits: Automatically debit or credit an account based on previously agreed criteria in the smart contracts, including adjusting recurring payments.
Balances/Account Info: Smart contracts can access account information, notify customers, and halt payments, avoiding NSF charges, reversal fees and default charges

Case Study: High Risk Industries

Financial companies consider any business that has an increased chance of chargebacks to be High Risk. Merchant account service providers punish High Risk industries with exorbitant fees and restrictions.
These industries include:
• Recurring Payments/Annuities, e.g. Gym memberships, online subscriptions, rental housing.
• Direct-to-Consumer Marketing, e.g. Multi-level marketing, e-commerce, online auctions.
• Large Transaction Volumes, e.g. Airlines, timeshares, business lending, payroll loans and peer-to-peer lending.
• Stigmatized Industries, e.g. Native gaming, alcohol and tobacco, nutraceuticals, natural medicines & medical cannabis, and adult entertainment and online dating.
SYB International developed Zi App, in partnership with Alternate Health Corp., to address these unfair fees and empower High Risk merchants with a flexible, turnkey payment processing solution.

The Zi App Payment System

  • Zi App Wallet

    Zi App Wallet

    The Zi App Wallet is coded specifically to work with the unique programming and software of the Zi Utility Token, allowing Zi App to perform a transaction by assigning a new private key to a Zi without having to move a token through a centralized account.
    • • The Zi App Wallet consists of private and public cryptographic keys and does not actually “hold” tokens.
    • • Public keys are used both to verify ownership of Zi’s and to provide an origin or destination address for financial transactions.
    • • Private keys give users exclusive access to their wallets and control transactions.
  • Zi Utility Token

    Zi Utility Token

    All Zi’s use SYB International’s detailed smart contracts, allowing the system to store and access transaction, tax, and sales data directly with Zi App’s distributed blockchain ledger.
    • • Zi’s are redeemable at a fixed 1:1 rate to US dollars, with no opportunity for the speculation and extreme market volatility seen in the cryptocurrency markets.
    • • The Zi is the only financial mechanism that powers Zi App. There are no additional tokens or blockchain assets compatible with the system.
    • • Strictly a token for use with Zi App: users simply purchase tokens for the utility within the system and exchange Zi’s back to dollars when needed.
  • Point-of-Sale Integration

    Point-of-Sale Integration

    The Zi App system can integrate with point-of-sale and other payment data systems to provide detailed transaction data on Zi App’s distributed ledger. For example, Zi App integrates with Alternate Health’s CanaPass controlled substance management system.

    Integration Features:

    • • The system is customizable to the local laws and regulations of individual markets.
    • • Zi App is currently being deployed wherever CanaPass is used, including coast-to-coast in private medical clinics across Canada, as well as state-specific versions in New York and Florida.

Zi App Wallets

  • Zi App Customer Wallet

    Zi App Customer Wallet

    Eligible customers sign up for a secure and verified wallet. The wallet processes relevant customer information and data depending on the nature of the High Risk industry.
    • • Wallets hold customers’ public and private keys and enable the financial transactions.
    • • Customers exchange money for Zi’s through their wallet.
    • • Tokens are used to make purchases in all merchant locations using Zi App.
    • • Remaining balances can either be held in the wallet or exchanged for US dollars.
  • Zi App Merchant Wallets

    Zi App Merchant Wallets

    Retailers have their own Zi App Merchant Wallet.
    • • Merchant wallets can be used both to buy products from suppliers or to accept payments.
    • • Merchants exchange dollars for Zi’s to facilitate transactions and can exchange them back for dollars.
    • • Zi App communicates all financial transactions to the blockchain and integrates with point-of-sale systems.
  • Zi App Tax or Affiliate Wallets

    Zi App Tax or Affiliate Wallets

    Zi App’s smart contracts allow value splitting on a per transaction basis.
    • • Taxes can be automatically calculated and either remitted directly or sent to a tax reserve account.
    • • Sales commissions can be sent directly to marketing affiliates per transaction.
    • • States do not actively sell tokens back into the system; instead they automatically exchange their tokens for local currency every quarter.
    • • Auditors, governments, and tax authorities can have access to a private distributed ledger of all transactions and applicable tax information.

Our Partners

Support Your Buds is proud to be partners with the following industry leaders:

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Alternate Health Corp.

Alternate Health is a diversified healthcare company focused on the legal medical cannabis market. It is one of the only cannabis companies that delivers consistent revenue without growing, manufacturing or distributing the cannabis plant. In 2016, Alternate Health developed its proprietary CanaPass software, designed to manage state-compliant medical or recreational cannabis transactions.
Captioned Image

Zi App

Zi App is an innovative mobile app that allows you to pay for products and services from all major credit card companies in a matter of seconds. Zi App processes cash transactions directly from your smart phone to any retailer. Whether transactions include personal to business, or business to business, Zi App offers secure, private and environmentally friendly transactions

Team and Advisory Panel

Captioned Image

Howard Mann

Chief Executive Officer

A prolific entrepreneur, Howard Mann is the founder of Alternate Health and the Co-Founder of DC Netcast Media Group Inc. Making a name for himself in online business and technology, Howard has developed numerous annuity-based membership platforms, social networks, television and video production, animation and merchandising, branding and direct marketing projects. As a pioneer in the online gambling industry, Howard operated, managed and divested an early stage software and licensing firm that grew to a tremendous success internationally.

Howard is the former Director of New Business Development for World Gaming PLC, and the former Director of Product Development and Marketing for PlayStar PLC. Howard has also made numerous appearances as a commenter and correspondent on a variety of news media programs. Howard attended Sir Sanford Fleming College in Ontario, Canada with a Degree in Computer Science and was admitted into the Legal Arts program at Trent University in Ontario, Canada.

Captioned Image

Dr. Michael Murphy, M.D.

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Murphy is the Chairman and CEO of Alternate Health Corp. He attended the University of Texas College of Pharmacy and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. He was chief resident for the Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital and the Bexar County Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. During his 30 plus years of private practice in pain medicine, he founded, operated and divested a number of health care related ventures.

In addition to the medical ventures, he also helped found The Bank of San Antonio where he currently sits on the Board of Directors as well as a registered independent investment company. Dr. Murphy also spoke nationally for Medtronic Neurological and was their keynote speaker for their national sales conference. He has also taught physician practice management seminars across the country for many years. In addition, Dr. Murphy was the founder and Chairman of the Board of what is now one of the largest independent medical groups (anesthesiology) in the country.

Captioned Image

Stephen Bugbee

Vice President of Development

Stephen Bugbee is a technology consultant who specializes in sales, marketing, business development, management and operations in the technology sector. His proven track record in taking companies to profitability is second to none. Stephen initially worked with many large brands in the entertainment space at the inception of the Internet assisting companies like Carsey Werner, King World and the Coca Cola Company to embrace early rich media technologies. This was followed by helping Digital Island acquire software, Sandpiper Networks and Exodus prior to preparing the company for the Cable and Wireless acquisition. For the past 15+ years Stephen has helped many companies reach heightened profitability by utilizing his experience and skill-set to Director manage and drive revenue.

Captioned Image

Rick Anderson

Vice President & General Manager

Based in New York City, Rick brings a background in film, digital media, IT, and online education. Rick has founded, and assisted in creating, numerous Internet-based digital media companies and platforms. He has worked in technology and media from a member of KPMG’s IT Advisory Group to Chief Technology Officer of VeoMed—an online medical education company that offered continuing medical education to doctors—where he went on to become their Chief Operations Officer/President.

In the healthcare industry, Rick has worked in a partnership capacity with Harvard Medical School, Columbia Medical School, Johns Hopkins, New York University, and more. In 2016, Rick brought his background to Alternate Health as managing director of Alternate Medical Media, Alternate Health’s education and media department. Rick holds a B.A. from Yale University with concentrations in Behavioral Neuroscience and Media.

Captioned Image

Scott Holtby

Vice President of Communications and Public Relations

Scott is the Vice President of Communications and Public Relations with SYB Blockchain Technologies. He began his career as an editor with Reed Business Information in digital strategy for the company’s trade publications. Scott left publishing to start his own communication consultancy, advising both public and private sector clients, including the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

He has since focused on strengthening shareholder value and company reputation, first as PR Manager with DC Netcast Media Group and recently as Investor Relations and Communications Manager with Alternate Health Corp. Scott holds a B.A. with honors in Economics and Political Science from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and a diploma in Corporate Communications and Public Relations from Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Captioned Image

Nick Swan

Manager, Training & Customer Service

Nick is a Senior Project Manager with SYB Blockchain Technology. Focusing on the Canadian marketplace, Nick began working in cannabis during the industry’s infancy. An expert in this space, he was previously a Business Analyst at DC Netcast Media Group and Operations Manager at Alternate Health Corp. Prior to joining the cannabis business, Nick held positions in operations and business development in both California and Chile. Nick studied English Literature at the University of Toronto, where he was president of the Toronto Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi.



Some of our most frequently asked questions

  • What is SYB International?

    SYB International is the leading blockchain developer behind the revolutionary payment software Zi App and the Support Your Buds system. We work directly with merchants to supply or build cutting edge blockchain solutions for any business, offering rates and savings no traditional payment processor can match.

  • Why is SYB NOT a Cryptocurrency?

    SYB functions only with a utility token that has a direct, fixed exchange rate with U.S. dollars. Unlike cryptocurrencies or crypto-assets, the SYB Utility Token is not intended to fluctuate based on the popularity of CanaPass or the SYB System or any level of success behind businesses participating in the SYB Economy.

  • Does SYB International make custom applications?

    Yes. SYB International, the developers of the, can work with any business type to provide merchant services at a much lower cost than traditional processors. We will advise and guide you to a blockchain payment solution that fits your unique requirements.

  • What is a high-risk merchant?

    All processors consider card-not-present transactions as a risk, which includes all Internet and over-the-phone transactions. The High Risk classification is usually applied to certain industry types. The High Risk label reflects the likelihood of potential disputes or chargebacks within the industry. Businesses related to travel are also usually deemed High Risk, due to the amount of cancellations that can occur.

  • What is Zi App?

    Zi App is a turnkey payment processing solution with a focus on addressing the financial challenges of High Risk industries. The Zi App Wallet and Zi unit of exchange work together to create a secure, transparent, and convenient system to ensure consumer protection compliance, accurate payments, and detailed automated reporting for all merchants.

  • Why Alternate Health?

    SYB International and Alternate Health created a partnership to leverage SYB’s blockchain experience with Alternate Health’s point-of-sale and e-commerce expertise. The two companies have also partnered in developing Zi App with this technology.


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